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It’s Sunday and I can say I survived my first week at home, my new home, with my baby boy. The girls went to school in the morning and I had to get them in the afternoon. My first week targets were:

1. get out with my baby boy who is 3 months old

2. find my way around the neighbourhood

3. find new friends (mummies)

I guess I didn’t do too bad, I managed to get the stroller down the two flights of stairs with my baby in it (if you are wondering, yes, I live on the second floor and there is no elevator) I must say it was pretty heavy and tiring but I did it 🙂 First I went to the baker’s shop and in Germany it’s a must to see, there is plenty of them at every corner of the street and they sell any kind of delicious bread and cakes; most of the bakeries have a coffee machine and you can choose to either take one to go or stop and have a little snack in there. This time I have chosen just to buy some bread and carry on with my stroll under the rain because my baby needed to be on the move in order to fall asleep properly.

I’m also glad I didn’t get lost and found my way home. I also approached a woman with a baby in a baby carrier  to ask her if she knew of any baby group in the neighbourhood; the funny thing is that I thought that to get someone’s attention I should say Entschuldingen Sie (excuse me) but I soon found out that this wasn’t working so I shouted out Hallo! and surprisingly enough, it worked, the woman stopped, turned round and looked at me.  I started the conversation with Sprechen Sie English? (Do you speak English?) because I wasn’t confident enough to use my rusty German and I was lucky the lady decided I wasn’t too mad/scary and kindly answered my question about the baby group. Yes!!! There is one just next door, the venue is a Lutheran church but the group is not religious related, it takes place on Tuesdays and of course it’s a German speaking group; I’ll try it out next Tuesday and see what happens.

On Wednesday I went to a familien cafè called Brambilla, it’s a lovely child friendly cafè. You have to leave your shoes at the entrance (it’s pretty common in Germany) because inside there is a carpet everywhere for children to crawl and play, there is plenty of toys for babies and older children, including a climbing frame with slide.  There are a lot of soft sofa and cushions where adults and children can sit and have something to drink and eat. I loved this place and I think I’ll go there often.