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The other day I went to a Kindergruppe, it’s a group for mummies and babies up to 1 year old, the venue is a church hall next to my house, so I said to myself “why not trying?”I was a bit nervous because I’m shy and it’s hard for me to get started in a new group, especially if they speak a language I’m not that comfortable to use. Anyway, when I arrived with my baby in my arms, I found a dozen ladies sitting around a table, chatting and eating. One lady stood up and came towards me, she introduced herself as the group leader and she told me they were having breakfast (at 10.15am I thought!?) and that I was welcome to join them. I decided to sit on a mattress next to my baby and have a look at the toys. After a while a mum smiled at me and introduced herself and her baby. At that point I felt my mouth dry and I couldn’t really speak but I managed to say Hallo Ich  heiße Mrs.. and after that I felt more relaxed.

What I like most about this group is that they make a circle and sing nursery rhymes (in German of course) for about half an hour. My baby and I had a lot of fun singing and miming the songs and I’ll try to learn as many as possible for the next time.