After school Miss Fussy asks me if we can go shoes shopping because her shoes are nearly broken.
My mind goes “oh no, that’s going to be a disaster! I don’t feel like going shoe shopping, she is always soooooo fussy. What if I give her money and she goes on her own? No, she can’t, far too young to go shopping without me. Why hasn’t she asked Mr. Bingles!!??? It’s so difficult going shopping with her!”. My mouth opens to say “yes, sweety, just promise me not to get upset if we don’t find the right pair of shoes and stay calm”. “Yes mummy I promise”.
So we head towards the biggest shopping centre in the Southern hemisphere and I wish myself goodluck.
She wants black school shoes, her very first pair, a traditional Mary-Jane style which is very popular with girls in her school.
As we enter the first shop I have my first shock: the price, it’s about 120$, my thoughts go quickly to -”she’s going to wear them for a couple of months and destroy them; this is a lot of money!”- while Miss.Fussy goes: Mummy I love this pair, can I try them on?
Mmmhh….I don’t know what to say, I don’t want to disappoint her but on the other hand, the pair she’s wearing now lasted only two months and weren’t cheap either, I want to make sure the pair I’m going to buy her, is going to last till the end of the year.
We decide to go and look in other shops but they all seem to have run out of school shoes. So we go back to shop n°1 and buy the shoes she fell in love with.
This is what I have learnt today: buy school shoes at the beginning of the year, all shops have plenty of them and you can easily choose.
2.You buy one size bigger than you need so that it lasts for the whole school year.
3.You buy good quality shoes with soft and strong leather, coated for extra protection against wear and tear, better if manufactured with ‘non-polish’ leather so that you simply wipe them clean with a damp cloth.

Easy peasy! Why didn’t I know this simple 3 rules three months ago? It’s because as a girl I have never worn a uniform, I have never needed black school shoes and, most of all, I have never had anything to do with a Little Miss Fussy who worns out shoes so quickly!