Little Miss Fussy came home yesterday with her school photo. Finally, after 6 weeks, it’s ready. I’m excited, I take a quick look and I think: nice class picture BUT what am I going to do with all these little passport photos which come along in the packet even if you don’t really want them? What does people do with them? They are all the same, in different sizes. I ask other mums and the answer is: you give them to grandparents, you keep one of the smallest one in your wallet, you give the biggest one to your husband to be put on his desk at work.
What??????? I don’t keep photos of my children in my pocket, I see them every day, I don’t need their passport photo in my wallet. What about all the technology, smart phones etc..you can have millions of photos of your children with you in your phone. And what about the photo to put on daddy’s desk? To me it’s something obsolete, nowadays everybody uses computers, tablets, digital photo frames.

I get home confused. I’ll put the school photos in a drawer for now, maybe I’ll send a couple to grandparents in Italy.
They will probably make a good memory in the future.