saturday morning, it’s a rainy day, what to do?

We had lots of fun at the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria) today; a new event for kids and adults was opened this morning, called PASTELLO – draw act. http://www.ngv.vic.gov.au/whats-on/exhibitions/exhibitions/pastello-draw-act

Kids had the chance to draw with their heads and feet; there were giant balls made out of crayons which could be used sitting on them and drawing on the “floor”.  There was a big table full of white papers to be colored with different kind of tools covered in crayon  such as skipping ropes and spoons.

Little Miss Daydream had lots of fun drawing with her head and feet; little Miss Fussy, being fussy, complained about a few problems with drawing with her feet but apart from that, she had lots of fun too. Little Mr. Copycat had a go playing and drawing everywhere but unfortunately he is still too little to use the helmet to draw with his head or feet and he was a bit disappointed but recovered from it by drawing with one of the big crayon balls.

I had fun too and I’m thinking of going back in a week day, when is less packed and you can enjoy all the activities better. it’s all for FREE!

Wish you all lots of fun.