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Tomorrow morning my kids will have their noses tickled by a sweet smell coming from the kitchen and when they’ll open their eyes they’ll see their beloved crostata on the kitchen table, ready to be eaten for breakfast.

Here is my mum’s recipe, it’s quick and yummy.


100 gr. sugar

100 gr. butter

200 gr. flour

1 egg

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl, I usually use my hands (as my mum taught me). When you have mixed them all up well, leave the dough covered with a kitchen towel for 30 minutes.


Now you can work the dough with a rolling spin and some flour, roll it out gently untill you reach the shape of your cake tin. Make sure you put some dough apart to make a few “snakes” which you’ll use to decorate the cake.

dough.snakes dough.

Add your favourite jam (mine is strawberry jam), decorate the cake with the “snakes” and now it’s ready to be put in the oven at 180°C for about 25 minutes.

crostataI can’t wait to taste my crostata tomorrow for breakfast and I bet my kids will love it too. Hope it’s going to be a good start to the week 😉