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Sunday day trip with Mr. Bingles and our little monsters. We went…I’m not sure in which direction we went because I never bother to look at maps,  Mr. Bingles is the expert, I just follow him 🙂

Anyway, we took the car and we drove for about one hour, we arrived in a small village called LOCH, a few historical buildings dated 1850something very well-preserved, some cafeterias and a nice graffiti just outside the public toilets (weird place).


Graffiti outside public toilets

IMG_8199-001 IMG_8200-001


The kids had a go playing at the local playground and after having a relaxing picnic we drove a little bit further (don’t ask me in which direction) and we finally arrived at COAL CREEK.

Coal Creek is a place where well-preserved buildings from the 19th century have been placed together to make a village so that they can be constantly taken care of, many volunteers help making sure this village can be visited and enjoyed by many people like my family. Thank you so much to all the volunteers!

Little Miss Fussy was very intrigued by everything, starting with the old steam train, to the shoe shop, the magistrate court…

IMG_8211-001 IMG_8224-001 IMG_8222-001 IMG_8221-001 IMG_8219-001

Little Miss Daydream has been kept by ladies who were spinning and knitting in the spinning hut.

Little Mr. Copycat enjoyed a ride on the horse outside the general store and loved feeding the ducks with his sisters.

IMG_8235-001 IMG_8245-001












What they enjoyed most was the school building, where they sat at 19th century desks and copied the alphabet from the blackboard.

IMG_8244-001 IMG_8243-001












I guess what I enjoyed most was having my husband next to me, chatting in the autumn sun and looking at our kids’ happy curious faces.