It happened


the first playdate.

I was nervous, I cleaned up all the house to make a good impression, I made sure the playroom was in a decent state, I baked muffins (see recipe here) and prepared lasagne for dinner.

Then I waited



The afternoon came and by the time I went to pick up Little Miss Fussy from school I was very nervous. I realized I was going to have 4 kids in my house and I was going to be the only adult, the only carer, the only one responsible for them. I tought I could make it, after all they are good girls and they would have been a bit nervous too.

The girls came out from school visibly tired and hungry. We drove home and I decided I didn’t have to do anything special, I would let them talk, say what they felt like saying, chatting about small little things that make them happy; in the car they were laughing about nothing.

We arrived home, I unloaded a car full of children and asked them all to wash their hands and get ready for their snack. They were all very obedient, well-mannered and respectful. I can’t even remember the last time I saw such after-school good behaviour from my girls (usually they are as wild as animals after school).

After the snack they were ready to play.

Explore the house was what they did first,

climbing on the bunk bed,

hiding in my wardrobe to look at some fluorescent toy,

play hide and seek (not really a great game in our small house but they still loved it),

barbies, Lego…

and then the question “mummy can we do some craft?”.

So they had paper, colours, glue and glitter. Lots of fun and mess. It didn’t matter because they had great fun and when after a couple of hours Little Miss Fussy friend’s mommy knocked on the door, my little Miss Fussy turned sad, she wanted her friend to stay longer.  I couldn’t do anything more that hugging my Little Miss Fussy and whispering in her ears: she’ll come back for another playdate and tomorrow will be at school too, there for you.

Playdating is not complicated at all, the kids play and I just keep an ear/eye on them and I have to say it’s very interesting listening to their conversations! (Little Miss Fussy’s friend: I’m usually shy but here I’m not, I don’t know why – I smiled)