Sunday I had the mad idea to go to Scienceworks museum, yes, it was absolutely the worst idea I have ever had.

I wanted to do something fun and interesting for all the family and I ended up with a big headache and the strong will to pack up and leave for a couple of days.

I searched the web, that’s what I always do, to find family friendly activities for the weekend. Most of the time I get inspired by Little Melbourne website, it has lots of great ideas.  I decided that Scienceworks museum would have been good.

No, it wasn’t good FOR US because:

  1. Little Mr. Copycat decided to go wild as soon as we let him out of his pram
  2. Little Miss Fussy decided to test herself with the Measure Hunt
  3. and that was a BAD idea because she is only 6 years old
  4. she couldn’t do everything by herself
  5. she kept on asking for help
  6. while Little Miss Daydream was dragging Mr. Bingles everywhere
  7. and Little Mr. Copycat was climbing everywhere
  8. I nearly lost him
  9. as there were far too many people
  10. and it was pretty dark inside

We decided we could go back during a weekday because:

  1. it shouldn’t be that crowded
  2. the outside play area it’s pretty good
  3. the parade of old means of transports was pretty cool
  4. the kids enjoyed the small steam train ride
  5. the pumping station was a curious place to visit