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If you live in Melbourne and you have never visited the National Gallery of Victoria, do it NOW! it’s a great time to pop in, look around and your eyes will be forever grateful.

I went there yesterday with Mr. Copycat and we had a great time discovering the new exposition in the foyer called “You started it..I finish it” from the Italian artist Paola Pivi. My little boy (who is only 20 months old) instinctively wanted to touch all the fabulous bright colourful bears but you are NOT allowed. As I wanted him to enjoy the bears I made up the game “let’s copy their poses”. As you can imagine, Mr. Copycat was more than happy to lie down on the floor and copy out the poses of each bear, he kept going back to his favourite one, the pink lying down bear, making the pose and laughing. He also played running under the “bridge” between a couple of bears. My favourite one was the orange bear, standing on one leg (Mr. Copycat couldn’t copy this pose but tried very hard).

We definitely had lots of fun and we’ll go back soon with Little Miss Fussy and Little Miss Daydream, see what they’ll think about these bears.