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Being new in a Country it’s never easy for many different reasons but the one I find more challenging is finding new “friends”.

What always works for me is this:

every council has a library,

every library has a story time for children,

every mother has the need to link with other mothers,

what’s best than story time, then?


Children listen to songs, dance, listen to lovely stories, colour in a picture and at the end they get stamps on their hands for the good job.


I’m a little teapot


Mothers get to know each others and have small talk about their children. If you are lucky you might find a person you get along with well and then meet up for a coffee. You never know!

I love libraries, books, children stories, nursery rhymes and a good old laugh with other people who share my interests.

I forgot to mention that going to both Italian and English story time helps my bilingual children stay in touch with these cultures and their vocabulary gets richer and richer every day.