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Fairy dust drawing is what we created today, with a bit of magic.

Anyone has coloured pencils around their houses, we had tons of them. Most of the times they are misplaced lost, sometimes they’re on the floor, a fewer times they’re where they should be, i.e. in their box, but it’s impossible to use them as they haven’t been sharpened for ages. Today we (LMF, LMD and me) sat at the table and sharpened quite a few of our colourful pencils. This is what we ended up with:


I looked at this colourful thingy and I didn’t want to throw it in the bin, it had some magic in it, I knew it! I tried to think of a way to have fun with it and…here is where magic began.

  • We got a piece of white paper
  • LMF and LMD drew on it with a glue stick (if you use the colourful one it’s easier but we had the common white one)
  • they sprinkled on top of it their colourful tiny little pieces of sharpened pencils
  • and voilà…our fairy dust drawing was there, in front of our eyes 🙂


You can create as many as you like, just free your creativity and have fun!