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I’m not sure how I should call this recipe, I made it up following the instructions I use to make meatballs. This time I wanted to use only vegetables, in this case zucchini (again).


3 medium zucchini

150 gr cheese (parmisan)

1 egg

200 gr. bread crumbs

salt, pepper, flour


slice the zucchini in tiny little bits

cook them in a pan with a bit of oil

season with salt and pepper

when overcooked (they must look like kind of a soup) pour them into a bowl

mix the zucchini with greated cheese, one egg and bread crumbs

when you feel the mix is not sticky at all, you can start rolling it out with a rolling pin with the help of some flour


use a biscuit cutter of your choice and start making your zucchini shapes


once you have all your shapes ready, fry them in a pan full of boiling oil


cook untill they have a golden look and serve

It’s been a great success! Little Miss Fussy and Little Mr. Copycat couldn’t stop eating them. Little Miss Daydream asked to have some in her lunch box the following day. Mr. Bingles tried to eat some before the kids ate them all up.

It’s a versatile recipe, it’s a good lunch box idea, it can be served as a starter and it’s enjoyable both warm and cold. 🙂