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World Cup 2014.

Should I be interested? I don’t really like football, in Italy everybody is in love with this sport, everyone has a favourite team (usually the team of your city) and that’s probably why I find it so boring. It’s about 2 teams of 11 players each, kicking a ball (using only their feet), trying to score a goal. So what is so special about it? I prefer basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, skating and many other sports.

I think that what I find annoying about this sport is that there is too much business around it, players being overpayed, violence in stadiums etc…

World Cup is another story. I like it because it’s about:

  1. people getting together in the hosting Country (Brazil)
  2. listening to people speaking different languages
  3. learning about the hosting Country
  4. being proud of your own Nationality
  5. getting together with friends to watch the matches
  6. feeling closer to your Country by meeting up with other expats and cheering up with them
  7. listening to many different National Anthems
  8. learning the colours of many different flags
  9. answering your kids’ questions about it
  10. teaching your kids geography about the teams that are playing (for example:where is Brazil? is it winter or summer there? what’s the national dish?etc..)

So, yes, I’m watching the World Cup, as many matches as I can because the different time zone doesn’t really help with that.

Obviously I support Italy but I have sympaty for other teams such as Australia, England, Germany, Netherlands 🙂