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I love parks, any kind of park, city parks, countryside parks, small ones, huge ones. They make me feel closer to nature and this makes me feel good 🙂

The other day we visited Emerald lake park with Mr.Bingles and Little Mr. Copycat.

It’s winter now, some of the trees in the park have yellow-reddish leaves, some others stay the same all year round, gum trees only change their barks but their leaves stay green (this is something I have learnt since arriving in Australia). We walked through a rainforest path and it was really lovely watching the different kinds of trees and vegetation.



I spotted several kind of mushrooms which names I ignore (but would love to know)



and finally we arrived at the beautiful lake where there were ducks and other birds species I have never seen in Europe.

IMG_8361-002 IMG_8362

We had a picnic and Little Mr. Copycat played at the playground where we spotted parrots. On our way back we followed the path along the railway and we saw the Puffing Billy, an old steam train, which Little Mr. Copycat loved.


It’s been a beautiful day, I can’t recommend this place more!