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Today I went to the dentist. It’s the last place in the world I would go to, if I had to choose myself BUT unfortunately I can’t, I have the responsibility towards my children to take care of myself ad make sure I’m healthy for the rest of my life (this sounds ridiculous, I know) but this is what my children expect me to be: HEALTHY and always there for them.

So I had an appointment with the hygenist and this is not so bad, even if I hate giving up my time to sit on a dentist chair for 50 minutes.

The worst part of it  all was NOT having the hygenist’s hands in my mouth (with various tools) as you might think; it was having to watch a Tv screen broadcasting a morning show which was probably targeted to desperate housewives. It included:

  • ads on buying a tricycle for your little ones,
  • how to get a perfect hair style,
  • how to use a particular face cream to reduce wrinkles,
  • a talk on how a specific actress has changes look in the past 30 years
  • and last but not least…
  • an interview with an Aussie stripper in Las Vegas.

Is this what a woman wants to watch? Do they want to convince us all that we need all those treatments to be beautiful forever? Do we really need to buy all those products?  Do they really make a difference in our lives?

What about men? What kind of tv programs do they watch? Probably lots of talks about sports but I’m pretty sure they don’t get all this spots about buying products to remain forever young and attractive.

I might be wrong. I might not. I am happy to not have a Tv at home, not be tempted to switch it on and watch/listen to all this crap  nonsense.

Next week I have to be back on that same chair. I hope there’ll be a different program on the telly or I’ll simply close my eyes (I’m just afraid that If I close my eyes I’ll be too much aware of what’s going on inside my mouth).