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They decided it was a good idea to go visiting the Eureka Tower in Melbourne as a kindergarten trip.

They decided they needed parents to help them out with the kids.

I decided I wanted to give some help and being a good mother to Little Miss Daydream, who, by the way, was VERY excited about going on a trip with all her friends AND mummy ūüôā

I was excited too, I thought it was a good chance to have a great view of the city from the highest skyscraper in the southern hemisphere.

It was all very exciting tiring.Children voices on the bus, teachers voices shouting out instructions about where to go and what to do, children excitement on the top of the tower, the messy sky deck left after our snack/lunch, the strong winds that made me feel dizzy and last but not least, the voice of a man asking us to evacuate the building because of the strong winds.

The view up there was really great, I would say breathtaking, despite the bad weather conditions (very cloudy) I could see nearly every single building, park, bridge, ship, boat, car, taxi, bus, train (you name it) in the city,

It’s been a great experience, I am happy to have been part of this great kindergarten trip especially if you think that it all started by reading Rapunzel fairy tale, building cardboard towers and talking about the various famous towers around the world. The kids have learnt an awful lot about towers in general, I have learnt a little bit about the Eureka tower.

It is named after a rebellion in 1854, during the so-called gold rush period. In the rebellion called Eureka Stockade people lost their lives. The tower has a gold crown representing the gold rush and a red stripe representing the people who lost their lives in the revolt. It has 91 floors and it is  297.3-metre high. WOW!!! The sky deck  we had access to, is at the 88th floor. I only wished we could have enjoyed a longer view without clouds and evacuation (which made the trip even more exciting for the kids!).


Albert park, St. Kilda


Flinders Station, Federation Square, Yarra river


Botanical gardens, art centre (NGV)