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My Little Miss Fussy is in love with  word search puzzles, she loves writing and reading, making up new words and playing with words in general.

Today she started making up a word search puzzle for me, then one for Mr. Bingles and then I decided I was going to make up one for her.

While I was getting ready with the paper I thought “why not doing it in English and Italian?”, she’s going to have fun, she doesn’t really mind in which language is the word she needs to search. I thought I must take advantage of this opportunity to improve her Italian spelling because I have to admit, she speaks fluent Italian but she is not so great at writing and reading in Italian as she feels much more confident in English (I think she is only very lazy) 🙂

So what I did was writing a word search puzzle on a A4 paper, I included the words she likes at the moment and wrote them in both languages at the bottom of the page. I asked her to have a look at the words, she read them out loud and linked the Italian to the English words, then she started looking up for the words.


She enjoyed it and I think I’ll soon do it again with other words which can be a bit of a trouble with the spelling such as GL sound or CH.GH sound etc…

This is such a simple, quick and personalized activity that I bet many parents can prepare for their kids in any language they like. I wish you all lots of fun with words 🙂