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There is something wrong, definitely wrong with my choice of taking my kids to an event for children with the theme Frozen.

I need to underline the word wrong because it’s insane to bring the children to a big shopping centre to a free Disney themed event.

It was my choice, yes MINE!!! Now I regret it a lot, I just need to go back in time and understand where and when I started going wrong. I guess it all started with my fear of school holidays (2 weeks of kids at home) and I guess I started panicking about how I could entertain my three children 24/7.  It was then, when I started going wrong. Why?

Why was I panicking about having the kids at home with me? Shouldn’t it be normal for a mum to look after their children for as many hours as they need their mummy? Why should I panick? They are my kids, I love them so very much, I should be happy to spend time with them.

If I go back in time a little bit more I guess it all started with being an expat. Having to move every 2 or 3 years to a new Country doesn’t help with having friends and connections. It’s so difficult being new in a Country and not having long time friends, relatives, grandparents and I guess during school holidays this missing feeling comes out really strongly.

I feel lonely sometimes, I feel like I should have lived at the beginning of the 20th century, together with my grandma who had 9 children to look after but was never alone because at that time in Italy, families were big and everybody lived together in big farmhouses (kind of). My grandma spent her time doing chores, hard, tiring ones but she was never alone, she was surrounded by her sisters and other ladies and they shared every piece of their lives. I’m not telling that their lives were easy, but for sure they were never on their own.

I feel there is something really wrong in being alone with my kids and therefore try to find some company by going to an event, hoping that I’ll find someone to talk to and my kids will have fun. NO, this is not the way!

I’ll never ever go to such an event again, we had to queue for one hour just to do some colouring, play with fake snow, have a small face painting and then home. In between I had to make sure Little Mr. Copycat wasn’t going to hurt himself or run away.

This event was free but has been created with the purpose of having the children fall in love with Frozen movie and therefore buy anything made with a Frozen label. Such a sick society!!! Parents need to be stronger and make sure their kids don’t grow up thinking they need all this shit nonsense  to be happy.

I promise myself never to let my kids feel the need to buy stuff in order to feel happy.

Tomorrow we are going to the library and I’m pretty sure there’ll be no queue there 🙂