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Second week of school holidays, I have to entertain them for another whole week. OMG!

Today we decided to head to the Immigration museum. We have already been there once and we enjoyed it quite a lot. Today there were school holiday activities and we had lots of fun making kites with simple materials.  The theme of these activities is children games from the past ( I love it!).

The museum is not so popular as the Melbourne Museum but this doesn’t mean it’s less interesting for the whole family. There is a ship which takes you back in time when the first immigrants arrived at the beginning of the 20th century. Anybody can have a feel of how it was like to travel for many months on board of a ship (and that doesn’t look like it was so pleasant!).

There are videos, realia and description of what life was about for the immigrants, how they felt, how they managed to find a job, what kid of jobs they did to settle down in the new world. I think it wasn’t so different from what a modern immigrant has to go through nowadays to settle down.

There are quite a few examples of Italian families coming down under with huge hope to start with a fresh life (this is still the same for the new immigrants after so many years).

I feel I have a lot in common with those immigrants even if the story of my life is completely different and I don’t think I’m going to live here for many years, I will eventually go back to Europe, where I feel I belong.