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Another day without school, another day for the kids and myself.

Today I want to write not from my point of view but from Little Miss Daydream’s point of view. I’m telling you why in a second. Today Little Miss Fussy has been invited for a play date to her best friend’s house. I’m at home with Little Miss Daydream (4 years old) and her little brother (21 months old) and I have the feeling that I can’t do anything to make her smile, my heart is breaking into thousand of million of pieces.

Here is probably what’s going on in my Little Miss Daydream’s head:

Yuppie! I’m at home, no kinder today,  I can play with my sister and pull my brother’s leg 🙂 I can do whatever I want and I can ask mummy to play with me or…you know what? I’ll ask mummy for an extra cuddle today.


What? My big sister is going to a play date? when? why? I want to go too!!! I have to go! Why can’t I go with her? I am big now, I’m not a baby anymore,  I can play with them, I know lots of stuff and I’m funny!

But they think I’m a baby and mummy doesn’t want me to go. I’ll start picking up on my little brother. I’m going to jump on the sofa and being silly, there’s nothing wrong with it. I’ll make my little brother cry so mummy comes in the playroom and plays with me.

I’m getting bored. I’m going to sit next to the window to see if my sister is coming home. She should be home now. What did she have for lunch? Maybe she didn’t have fun. Maybe she had fun. I want her here with me. Now! Why can’t I have a play date? I have friends at kinder, mummy should invite them over or I could go and visit them. It’s easy. I go and play then I come back home.

Today I’m missing our house in the Netherlands, where all the kids living on the same street would go out and play together, drawing on the pavement with chalk, riding their bikes, skating, skipping with their ropes, singing and playing hide and seek and so much more. My children would have been happy there, playing all together without the need of play dates.

Yes, I do hate play dates. It sounds like having an appointment with your best friends. If you are a kid you shouldn’t have appointments, you should just go out and play!