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If you are bored of watching Tv shows, cartoons, playing with I-pads, video games and you don’t have any idea on how to entertain your kids anymore, try to imagine how people entertained themselves a hundred years ago without a telly or video games!

If you have no idea how they managed to spend their free time and you’re curious to find out, go and visit the Ian Potter Centre, NGV Australia at Federation Square (Melbourne) by August 31st 2014 and you’ll have an idea on how Victorians used to have fun with simple (sometimes silly) games.

I visited the Fashion Detective event with my three children today and had lots of fun.

Here is the list of the games with played:

  1. Toothless vegetables – 2 or more players                                  vegetables-and-fruits-farmers-market

(all you need to know are fruit and vegetables for this silly game) Take turns to name a fruit or vegetable without showing your teeth. If you show your teeth or laugh…you are out!

2.  Lucky beetle – 2 or more players                                    429px-Draw-a-Scarab-Beetle-Step-7

The aim of the game is to be the first person to draw a beetle (your success relies on the numbers rolled with your dice!

roll the dice and draw the beetle’s parts according to the number showed on the dice:

1. tail, 2. eyes, 3. antennae, 4 legs, 5. head, 6 body

The winner is the first person to complete their beetle.

3. Charades – 2 or more players                                      years-end-charades-new-years-games-photo-420-FF0105ALMEA05

A game where players make lots of actions and noise but cannot say a word. The aim of the game is to guess what action or object the player is performing.

4. What’s in the toy box? – 2 or more players                               kim'sgame

Get a box and fill it with a few objects. Oper the box and look at the objects for up to one minute. When the time is up, close the box and write or draw pictures of as many objects as you can remember.

The winner is the person who lists the most number of objects!

5. Draw with a blindfold 

what happens when you lose your sense? Pla this game and find out!

Select a person to read aloud the description of the picture. The rest of the group listens and draws while wearing blindfolds.

Now it’s time to take off your blindfold. What does your drawing look like?

You don’t need to visit the event to play these games, if you don’t live in Melbourne just have a go at playing these games at home with your family and friends, they are good fun for everyone 🙂