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A fellow expat blogger inspired me with this idea, so here I am, with my wish list.

Things I should experience to get a better feeling of Australia:                          koalaFacts-Fun-thongs2ulurufooty

  1. visit the main cities (Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide)
  2. learn the national anthem (my daughter sings it at school and she knows it by heart, I can’t b!)
  3. go on a bush walk
  4. explore the desert (in particular, Uluru)
  5. see koalas in their natural environment (no zoos)
  6. make some Australian friends
  7. wear thongs (flip-flops) even when it’s cold and rainy
  8. celebrate Christmas on the beach
  9. drive from Melbourne to Sydney
  10. have a proper picnic with a barbecue
  11. swim in the ocean
  12. watch a footy match at the stadium
  13. learn (and be brave enough to use) some Australian slang (these are a few of the ones I know: Mate = friend, Aussie =Australian, Tucker = food,  Arvo= afternoon, Barbie =BBQ).

I’m pretty impressed by this list. I like it. It shouldn’t be too difficult to tick all the boxes and feel a bit Australian 😉