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St. Kilda adventure playground is a great place to be.  It IS a real adventure playing here! Kids have so many things to choose from that they can’t help having their mouths and eyes opened for the surprise.

The biggest WOW factor is a fabulous tree house. treehouse  

Then the kids can have a go on the big slide


or choose to fly on the shark (no war) aeroplane aeroplane 

while the little ones can happily play in the sandpit full of toys


or pretend to sell sweets at the local shop


while parents can relax sitting at the cafeteria without too much worrying about the kids running away as the playground is fully fenced.


Did I mention that it is supported by the local community, it’s free and we fell in love with it? It reminds me of the playgrounds in Berlin and for that, I love it even more 🙂