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Yesterday the teacher at kinder asked the kids to bring something starting with the letter A today.

On our way home my Little Miss Daydream and I started thinking about things starting with A. She came up with the obvious APPLE but then I could feel she was struggling with the task, it seemed a bit difficult for her. She is probably most used to think in Italian than English and she came up with words like ALBERO (tree) and ANELLO (ring) and then she gave up because she couldn’t think of any other words in English and got frustrated.

I tried to make a game out of it. I asked her to go with me into the playroom and have a treasure hunt, we had to collect in a basket any toy starting with the letter A. The hunt didn’t last long, she got bored and I guess because she found the task too difficult.

Then I had an idea. What about finding words starting with A in both languages?

It wasn’t easy, but we found a little toy which was perfect for our task: ANCHOR (Ancora).


Anchor – this looks like a smiley little face


After that we also found AIRPLANE (Aeroplano) , AUSTRALIA (Australia), AMERICA (America), ASIA (Asia).

The idea is try to relate the two languages in a fun way and teaching my Little Miss Daydream the alphabet (and its sound) in both languages.

Let’s see what we’ll find with the next letter 🙂