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Today it has been a beautiful sunny day in Melbourne and I had a fantastic day trip with my family.

We drove towards north (surprisingly enough this time I know in which direction we went :-)) and had our first stop in a place called Bacchus Marsh, it’s a lovely small town which offers lots of shops, café and restaurant.


We grabbed some lovely pies and muffins from the bakery and had a relaxing picnic in a great park called Maddingley park, where we found a superb Adventure Playground. I loved it and the kids were really enthusiastic about it all.

leaf from a tree called “Araucaria bidwillii”


After a long playtime we drove a little bit further to visit a place called Trentham which has the highest waterfalls in Victoria (32 mt)!!! hurrah 🙂

landscape between Bacchus Marsh and Trentham

late 19th century miner’s log cabin in Blackwood

Trentham waterfalls

Trentham waterfalls

It’s been a long and exciting day for all of us. My little girls drew a fantastic picture of the waterfalls as soon as we arrived home. I’m gonna treasure it for sure!