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This week’s letter is D for…

Doctor, Dottoressa

The first thing that came to my Little Miss Daydream’s mind was Doc, as her favourite character at the moment is Doc McStuffins. She even wants her birthday party with this theme!!! If you haven’t heard of it, it’s either because you don’t have children or you have boys or your kids are older/younger than mine. Lucky you 😉


Dinosaur, Dinosauro

My first thought was Dinosaur, which is George’s best friend (in Peppa Pig). If you don’t know who Peppa Pig is, you are so damn lucky!!!

We tried to find things around our house but this time it was a bit more difficult and after only a few minutes Little Miss Daydream exclaimed – I don’t need something beginning with D in Italian, only in English MUMMY!!!

That was pretty much the end of our hunt.

I kept thinking about things but kept them to myself and then started talking about the letter D during dinner time, when also Mr. Bingles and Little Miss Fussy could get involved and try to get Little Miss Daydream’s interest back on track.

This is the outcome of our dinner chat:

Dingo , Dingo

Living in Australia we could help but thinking about Australian animals and this is one of the scary ones for my children.


Dromedary, Dromedario

Mr. Bingles came up with Dromedary and I found this picture on the web. Now I’d love to find this book 🙂

Dentist, Dentista

It was easy thinking about this word as Mr. Bingles went to the dentist today, he was a bit worried and scared and we couldn’t help but pulling his leg a little bit.

Last for today is The DOT, it’s a great book, which I can’t recommend more to children and parents. It’s about believing in yourself and building up your self-esteem.

This is what Little Miss Daydream is going to bring to kindergarten tomorrow

Dot, Punto

Yes, I know, Dot doesn’t start with a D in Italian but still, Little Miss Daydream came up with it, we love this book and we did our English/Italian exercise for today. We are all happy with it 🙂

Have a great dotty week everyone!