Today it’s my wedding anniversary and I was supposed to have a lovely lunch in a restaurant with my husband and Little Mr. Copycat while the girls were at kinder/school. It didn’t happen because it was raining and we didn’t like the idea of going to the city centre by train, getting wet and on top of that having to entertain LMC.

We stayed at home and I decided to cook something I haven’t cooked for a long time: crespelle!

When I took this decision I didn’t realize I had only one egg in the fridge, but I didn’t change my mind and made my crespelle anyway, just half the quantity I usually do.


for 6 crespelle you need:

125 ml milk

65 gr. flour

1 egg

15 gr. butter


for the filling:

50 gr. ham

besciamella sauce:

25 gr. butter

25 gr. flour

250 ml milk

pepper, salt, nutmeg


in a bowl mix flour and egg together, add milk and softened butter.


When your batter is ready, pre heat a pan (18cm) with some butter. With the help of a scoop, pour about 2 tbsp of batter in your pan, it’ll soon take the shape of the pan. After about one minute turn it over untill golden and then place it on a plate. You’ll have your first crespella.


Repeat the process for about 6 times.

Prepare your besciamella sauce as easy as ABC:

put the butter in a saucepan, when melted add flour (remember to keep on whisking), add milk and keep on whisking untill boiling. When it starts boiling add salt, pepper, nutmeg and continue whisking for about 5 minutes. Your besciamella is ready.


Add ham to your besciamella sauce. (you can add whatever you like, veggies are great too).


Now filling your crespelle is pretty easy. Look at these pictures and count 123 voilà. Done 🙂




Place your crespelle on a buttered oven tray

cover with some tomato sauce

grate some parmesan on top

Put it in the oven 180°C for about 20 minutes.

enjoy 🙂

We had a lovely lunch. The only down side was the quantity, we all wanted more!!!