I’m getting a bit excited about children’s book week (16th August – 22nd August) in Australia.

This event is about getting the children involved in choosing books and excited about reading them, alone or with us.

My girls’ school and kinder have selected a special day to go to school dressed up as a book character, not any character but preferably the one they love most.

My Little Miss Fussy loves books and she has can’t really choose what her favourite character is, but is definitely going to be one from Enid Blyton books (she is in love with this author at the moment).

My Little Miss Daydream loves books too, she would like to dress up like the girl from “La regina dei baci” (The queen of the kisses?) but as she also has to bring along the book from where her character comes from and share it in the classroom, I’m afraid she has to choose a character from an English book.


At the moment she quite likes the idea of dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood and I have to say she looks pretty cute but we’ll see, there is still time and she might change her mind.

I love going through the books with my kids and talking about the characters and what they look like. I have never had the chance to dress up like a book character and I find it a great opportunity for the kids to love books even more.