During the weekend we went bush walking and it’s been a fabulous experience for all the family.


huge gum tree renamed by Little Miss Daydream “Pisa Tower”

Little Miss Fussy is in love with Mother Nature, she feels at easy when surrounded by nature and while walking in the bush she couldn’t stop talking about everything she was spotting.IMG_9759-001


bark full of ants going after resin

Little Miss Daydream was very keen to be our line leader together with her sister and she was carried away by her sister’s never-ending explanations about trees, leaves, birds…IMG_9768-001

Little Mr. Copycat had a great time finding sticks on the ground and using them in any unthinkable way. He happily followed his sisters even if from time to time he wanted to be carried by mummy to have a better view of the bush (maybe).


I enjoyed looking up at the enormous trees, listening to the squawking cockatoos and getting excited when hearing my daughters shouting: we found a wombat’s house!!!

We learnt about different kind of trees, about why some trees where lying on the ground, which animals live in the bush (we found cockatoos, ants, wombats) what is moss. I think we did pretty well 🙂

While we were approaching our car on the way back home we were approached by a woman asking us if we wanted some lemons and she kindly gave us a bag full of fresh lemons. What a lovely surprise!

As soon as I arrived at home I found some recipes to use these lovely lemons.