I can’t believe I’m cooking kangaroo sausages! I can’t believe my eyes! I would have never thought of cooking kangaroo meat ever in my life! I’m not vegetarian but I’m not a big meat fan either and the thought of cooking kangaroo makes me feel kind of sick. But here we go…

They look very dark and they smell very weird to me.

I’m lucky I’m not the one who is going to eat them, my parents will. They wanted to find out what they taste like, before heading back to Italy next week.

I tried to explain my parents that Australian don’t really eat kangaroo meat that much; it’s more about something they used to do in the past. I think nowadays is more a touristic thing than anything else.

After tasting it the verdict is:

never ever buy and eat this meat again!!!

My mother didn’t like its taste at all.

My father complained about them being too salty (he didn’t want to admit but actually he didn’t like them either).

Now they can go back home telling everybody they have tasted kangaroo meat.

So what? Did this change their lives? I don’t think so.

Did this make their Australian experience any different? No, I don’t think so.

If I had to choose, I would ban selling kangaroo meat. We should all spread the word around tourists that they dont’ need to eat kangaroo meat to experience the true Australian life because this is not the way Australian people live. Not at all!