The other day was the goodbye day. My parents flew back to Italy after a 4-weeks stay with us. It’s been great having them here, in our daily life, playing with their grandchildren and sharing every single moment with them.

Living the expat life is this too. One never gets used to goodbyes, especially when it comes to family.

I’ll never get used to:

  1.  my children getting used to having grandparents around 24/7 (the latter become their slaves)
  2.  my children getting spoiled and receiving an enormous amount of presents
  3.  my children crying when they have to say goodbye
  4.  trying to explain why grandparents live so far away
  5.  saying goodbye to my favourite babysitters

Goodbyes are part of everyone’s life but if you’re an expat, this part gets bigger and bigger and I guess every person finds a special way to better cope with it. I think I still need to find my way to cope with it because at the moment it’s cuddling my children, cooking and thinking about the future.