Everybody is mad for Frozen (Disney movie), so are my girls.

This is how I organized a Frozen birthday party for my 7-year-old girl, having lots of fun, using a bit of creativity.

DIY invitations:

Make DIY snowflakes (there are lots of easy tutorial on the web), glue them on a blue card and add a sparkling letter (your guest’s initials)

use Frozen stickers to look like stamps on your invitations’ letters

Start preparing some Frozen decorations:


Blue sparkling number 7, paper snowflakes, cotton snow, balloons


I didn’t have time to find a snowflake cutter, so I made it out of a potato 🙂


I decorated a banner and the top of the thank you jars, I added some glitter and…voilà

This was my birthday party plan:

  1. Frozen wordsearch and colouring in (I found a great website where you can get free printables) wordsearch_frozen
  2. Pin Olaf’s nose
    pin olaf's nose

    my daughter drew Olaf and I found it really cute, something special and different from the ones you can buy

    3. Diamond bracelets:


    In this jar I prepared the beginning of each bracelet and I decorated it with a finished bracelet as an example


    the girls had fun choosing their favourite beads and putting their bracelets together

    4. Musical statues with Frozen music off course!
    5. Cake!!!


sponge cake with chocolate buttercream and marshmallow fondant (everything homemade)


crown for each Queen Elsa (made out of glittery foam)

cupcakes dolci

6. Pop the balloon and…

  1. blow the balloon and hang it on the ceiling

    each guests receive a sceptre (made out of wooden screw and pipe cleaners

    popthe balloon

    you are now ready to pop the balloon and…let it snow!!!

    7. Sing along “Let it go” while playing the the fake snow

8. Kristoff’s frozen ice blocks : build the tallest tower as quickly as you can!


9. Tattoo: with some Frozen tattoo make your guests lovely for their final Frozen treat

10. Selfie booth: I have prepared a spot on the wall where the girls could have fun having some photos taken making silly faces.

Now it was time to say goodbye and thank you to all our guests. I have prepared some homemade play dough (white with some sparkles in it) to build Olaf at home, plus a little bag full of treats.

party favors

I printed an Olaf picture for the thank you card:

free printable

We had a great party with so much fun!!!! 🙂