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As a mother of 3, I’d like my children to be HAPPY, HEALTHY and to have a good EDUCATION.

Today my Little Miss Fussy (who is only 7 years old), has been invited by her classroom teacher to take part in a program for “gifted and talented” children.

This invitation was given to me more than a month ago. At the beginning I wasn’t sure what it was all about, I spoke with my husband and we found as many information as possible about this program. We weren’t 100% sure to accept this invitation but after talking about it and thinking about how Little Miss Fussy would have liked it, we decided to give it a go.

The program is pretty simple, children from different schools around Melbourne are chosen from their school teachers and asked to come together for a workshop in a Grammar school, to have some fun with reading and writing.

Little Miss Fussy is pretty good at reading and writing and so this morning when she was very nervous and didn’t want to go, we tried to reassure her, explaining that all the other children there will be as nervous as herself and she was going to have fun. We tried to emphasize the word fun, as for us this is only a workshop and a way to explore the big world of literature, theatre, creative writing. We didn’t want our girl to take it too seriously, we wanted her to relax and have fun.

I recently found out that for other parents this experience is much more than a little experience, it’s a gateway for their children’s future, their child’s education opportunities. You can add this experience in your child portfolio and show it to the school you’d love your child to attend.

From my experience in Australia, from what I have heard other parents talking about, from what I have been told, this is how it goes:

  1. your child is born
  2. you HAVE TO register your child to the private secondary school ASAP
  3. you are put in a long waiting list
  4. you pray your child is accepted
  5. if your child is accepted you’ll have to pay a minimum of 21,000 AUD per year
  6. when your child is finally graduated you cross your fingers and wish he/she will choose a good carrier.

The only way you have to escape paying all that money (from grade 7 to grade 12 =$$$!!!) is finding a house next to a very good government founded secondary school. Unfortunately in the area where I’m living (which, by the way, is not a deprived area at all) the government has decided to close down a couple of secondary school in the last few years so parents have been “forced” to choose the private secondary school if they want their children to get in touch with the “right” people in the society, have a good education, have good opportunities, have a good future.

Now I’m a bit confused. They are making us believe that if we are good parents, we send our children to private school, spending every single moment of their childhood away from them, trying to earn money to pay their so-called good education.

Now I’m going to raise my hand and ask you:school system

are our children going to be happy? Are WE going to be happy? Are they going to have a good future?

Nobody can tell.

I am shocked. Coming from a completely different background, where if you go to a private school it means you’re not good enough to study in government schools, I find this system very difficult to understand. I always thought I would never send my children to private school but as I’m now living in a completely different reality I guess I have to adjust to the place where I’m living.

Said so, I think we’ll move again well before our children will be in secondary school.

If you’re going to move down under this is something I highly recommend you to check out as it would seriously affect your finances and your lifestyle too.