Once you move to a new Country, you need to speak the language of course, but that’s not the only thing you have to adjust to, you also need to understand the fabulous world of sizes.

If you’re a woman, you need to buy a new bra every now and then, right?


If you, like me, have had 3 pregnancies in the last 7 years, have breastfed and on top of that have moved and lived in 4 Countries you’ll easily understand why I’m a bit frustrated about bra shopping.  The size is NEVER the same!!!

I found this table that helps a little bit, us, poor expats women.

This happens also for shoe sizes. Once again I find myself in a shop wondering what my size now in Australia is. The shop assistant watches me as if I was crazy and when I tell her my European size the expression on her face tells me she’s now hating me because she has to do the conversion for me now. I found this chart and I think it’s hilarious! Look at how many different sizes are used in the world to measure our feet!!!

The best ever experience is buying kids’ shoes.  Just look at this chart:


Is it me or this is getting ridiculous?

I guess this is good for brain training, a little challenge every day can’t do any harm, right?

Happy shopping everyone, wherever you live 🙂