Last year Halloween arrived too soon and I wasn’t prepared for it.

It has only been this year that I realized how hot Halloween can be in this part of the world. We went with the kids for the trick-or-treat walk and it was 30°C!!!

People here celebrate as in any other part of the world, they dress up in scary ways and carve some pumpkins. They pretend it’s autumn and it’s dark.

Then I had an idea…why not using a watermelon instead of a pumpkin? Watermelon is now a seasonal fruit in Australia and it has the right shape and texture.

So I gave it a try, I was very exciting about my idea, my kids were even more excited and…we were very happy with the result .


As I said, this is not what Australians do, but I couldn’t stop myself from trying it out (I don’t know in which part of the world I’ll be living next Halloween!).