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Today while I was reading The crafty art book with Little Miss Daydream we saw a  beanbag pirate and so I thought: why can’t we make a beanbag snowman?

You need:

  • piece of cotton material
  • pins
  • needle
  • thread
  • scissors
  • fabric pens (I used simple pens)
  • filling (rice, beans, cotton)




cut out the shape, use a template, it’s easier!


draw your snowman


place the right sides of the snowman together and pin them in place

sew all the way around, cutting out a diamond shape on the sides as this makes it easier to turn the snowman inside out.


turn him inside out. You should now see the right sides of the snowman on the outside.


fill it up with rice or beans and sew it up!

This project didn’t get my kids involved in doing it, it would have been too difficult for them but as soon as it was done, they couldn’t wait to play with it and they also gave it a name: Olaf of course!

Now they would also love to have a Santa Claus, a reindeer…why not? 🙂