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Today Little Miss Daydream and Little Mister Copycat needed a new pair of sandals (it still sounds so weird to me, buying sandals in November!) and so we bought them and got home with two lovely pairs of sandals in two fantastic boxes.

Little Miss Daydream wanted to play with her shoebox as soon as we got home. She asked for scissors and sticky tape.

After a little while she asked me for some help to cut out a nice window.

Then I had an idea: why not make a puppet  theatre?

So, we started cutting out Christmas adverts from magazines we had at home and we pasted them on our box. This is our puppet theatre:


The picture doesn’t really give our box its real beauty, we love it 🙂

Then we started preparing our puppets with some pipe cleaners and Christmas pictures we had on old paper plates and cups.


We also cut out photos of each member of the family and made it a cute puppet.

The story for our puppet show was going to be like:

“Once upon a time there was a family, mummy, daddy, Litttle MD, Little MF, Little MC, who lived happily in Australia. One day in November they realized it was soon going to be Christmas, so they started thinking about writing a letter to Santa,….”

Tonight I did the puppet show for my family and I will never forget their smiling faces when listening to the simple story and looking at the puppets with their faces on them. Little Mister Copycat was the most engaged and pleased to see all our faces on the puppets.