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This is a project I made more than a year ago, when we had to say goodbye to Berlin; I wanted to give a present to each child at kindergarten, just a little thing to say goodbye before moving down under.

I think this would also be a perfect Christmas gift for little ones who live in a place where it doesn’t snow, i.e.  Melbourne.

So this is my snowglobe project.

You need:

  • empty jars with lids
  • paint
  • water
  • washing up liquid
  • glitter
  • little toy
  • silicone


  • paint your lids with your favourite colour
  • choose a small toy to put inside the jar and fix it with some silicone
  • add water, one drop of washing up liquid and glitter
  • close the jar tightly putting some silicone around the lid
  • leave it to dry
  • put it upside down and let it snow 🙂IMG_3224-001