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I know there is an official lego advent calendar each year, to be more specific there is a lego friends and a lego city.

Having two girls who love lego I wanted to avoid having to buy two identical lego friends advent calendars (sharing was not an option).

So I thought I would buy two different boxes of lego friends, split the legos pieces in 24 small groups and make them become my girls’ special advent calendar.

You need:

  • lego box
  • resealable sandwich bags
  • pen (to write names and numbers)
  • sticky tape
  • wrapping paper (this year I couldn’t help choosing a Frozen one)

following the instructions try to split the pieces reasonably



I ended up with 24×2 little lego bags



I wrapped up two lego bags together for each day


I wanted a tree shape hanging on one of the walls but I couldn’t manage to stick all these little gifts on the wall


I ended up hanging them like this

Maybe next year I’ll do it differently.

My girls opened their first packet this morning and they loved it (thank God!):-)