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In Australia not only it’s Christmas time approaching but it’s also the end of the school year; children usually give each others Christmas cards with attached a candy cane or a sweet.

I love the idea of exchanging Christmas wishes but I’m a bit concerned about all these sweets the kids eat in this period of time.

I thought my girls could avoid giving out sweets with their cards and I came up with this simple idea: heart-shaped crayons.

This is something I’ve already done in the past and it’s pretty easy to do.

You need:

  • old crayons
  • knife
  • mould
  • string


cut your crayons in tiny little bits (the smallest, the better)


  • divide the colours as you like (I like to put different shades of the same colour together)
  • put the mould in the oven at 150 °C for about 10 minutes


  • leave it to cool down before removing the hearts to avoid breaking them into pieces.
  • you have lots of colourful crayons


  • now with a string you can tidy each heart to a Christmas card, ready to be given away



My girls can’t wait to wish merry Christmas to their special friends, with all their ❤