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We arrived in Italy ten days ago, after two long flights (14 hours + 6.5 hours) and a  seven hour stop in Doha.  It’s been tiring but nothing compared to the following seven nights fighting against the jet lag.

My children were so excited about Christmas

AND Santa

AND getting presents

AND chatting with grandparents

AND the cold

AND…so many other things

that they couldn’t and didn’t want to get used to the new time zone for the first week.

Result: I am knackered!!!

One thing I have learnt from this trip to Italy is: never underestimate children’s excitement and jet lag, you cannot win!!!

Today I had my very first relaxing day, I had a nice family meal and a lovely cold stroll in a village next door where we found an ice-skating ring and the girls had fun trying to figure out how to balance on the ice.

The best thing for me has been eating the best hot chocolate in the world: nowhere you can find such a tasty one but in Italy!


This is what I needed to finish off with 2014 (and have a great start to 2015) 🙂