We have been in Italy for 4 weeks, we arrived just before Christmas, full of expectations and very excited about visiting families and friends. There is one more week to go before going back to Melbourne and the question is:

have we, as a family, enjoyed our time in Italy?

  1. the first week has been very tiring due to the jet lag
  2. the second week the kids and my husband in turn got a virus and we all stayed at home – no visits to friends/relatives or places.
  3. the third week we went to Florence to visit the other set of grandparents and there I got sick for a couple of days, then Mr. Copycat and Little Miss Daydream got sick (they had flu for about a week). We spent most of the time indoor, waiting for everybody to get better. After a few days I decided I couldn’t spend all my time at home when outside there were beautiful places to visit, so I convinced my husband to have a stroll in the beautiful city centre of Florence and Pisa. IMG_4246IMG_4230IMG_4234IMG_4249

    Pisa – lungarno

    IMG_4294IMG_4304During the last couple of days of our stay in Florence we also managed to visit most of our friends, yuppie!!! It’s been hard saying goodbye to grandparents in Florence, especially for Little Miss Daydream. She thought we were going to spend Easter there too (she still hasn’t got a very good knowledge of time). She was pretty nervous the day before the departure but then she found the strength to say goodbye and to give proper big hugs and kisses to grandparents.

  4. the fourth week has flown away without doing much. We travelled back to Milan, we visited a couple of friends and the children had fun with their grandparents.
  5. week number five is starting now. I have planned to go to Amsterdam for a couple of days, together with my husband, leaving the children in Italy with their grandparents. It’s the first time we do this and I’m getting nervous now, especially because Little Mr. Copycat seems to have become very fond of mummy, he only wants me to do everything, he’s as sticky as glue. I hope it won’t be too hard for him staying with his beloved grandparents without me. I would love to enjoy some time with my husband, visiting a couple of friends in the Netherlands and relaxing a little bit without any little person shouting MAMMAAAA every 5 sec.  Is it asking too much? I hope not. I don’t want to feel any regret and I would like my children to have fun with their grandparents without our 24/7 supervision; I’d like it to be a special time for everybody (fingers crossed).

The answer to my question is: YES!

Italy represents my childhood, my parents, my brother, my place, my language, my past and a bit of my present.

Fingers crossed, next time nobody will get sick 🙂