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Tomorrow is going to be a big day.

Tomorrow is my Little Miss Daydream first day at the big school. She is starting prep (as they call it here) the first year in preparation for the following 6 years of primary school.

She is very excited, finally she’ll go to school together with her big sister, together again as they were at kindergarten in Berlin.

I am very excited too and I’m sure I’ll be emotional tomorrow and I’ll try my best not to let any tears cross my face.

The school has invited us to come along at the T&T in the hall tomorrow morning after the drop off.  T&T? tea and tissues, yes, they offer us parents some tissues just in case we need them. How bizarre is that?


I know that in a school not that far away from here, a group of prep’s parents have organized a B&B bubbles (champagne) and breakfast event tomorrow morning, to celebrate their children’s big start.  This is quite different from the T&T event.


I’m a bit confused. T&T or B&B? what’s the best approach? do I really need it?

In Italy there is nothing like this. When children start school, parents drop them off, kiss and hug them tight and then they are off to work, off with their day.

I’m curious about the T&T event and I’ll probably go and see what other parents do. It’s so weird to me. I’m tempted to simply hug and kiss my girl and then leave.