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Yesterday night I was having a chat with my husband, relaxing after having put the kids to bed, talking about our day when I realized I was pretty happy.

I have had a lovely day, one like any other (apparently), I spent the day with my Little Mr. Copycat doing usual things. So what made it a different day?

I have had the opportunity to chat with 4 other moms from all around the world, all living in my neighborhood, here, in Melbourne!

I had a nice talk with a Mexican lady, about our kids and the languages they speak. Then I had a lovely chat with a Polish lady, who gave me lots of advice about which places to visit all over Australia – great tips! I also had a chat with a Thai mum about the school system in different Countries and many other things. I also chatted with Australian moms while waiting for my girls to get out of school.

let’s connect!

I guess at the end of the day I was happy to have had the chance to speak with women coming from 4 Continents! wow!!! This is a side of my expat life that I like a lot 🙂