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This is not the first time I say that I love reading books to my children and singing nursery rhymes too.

I’m now volunteering at a local public library to do Italian Storytime and I love it. It’s amazing watching little ones moving along while I sing them songs, clapping their little hands and smiling with their big curious eyes.

Today, at the end of the session, I had the time to have a little chat with the adults who were there with their children or grandchildren. It came out that the parents are a bit nervous about speaking and reading Italian to their children, they don’t feel confident enough because they were raised by Italian parents here in Australia, speaking English most of the time.

I’d like to reassure all these parents and any other adult who wants to try and read to their children in their “second” language, they can do it! They don’t need to be perfect because their children will love what they’ll hear, their parents voices in that special language; it can even become their very special time together.

Reading baby books and learning nursery rhymes has definitely improved my knowledge of English, you just need to try and see the big smile on your kid faces 🙂

Baby books and picture books are the best to start with when you are learning a new language because they have lots of repetitions in them and are also full of great day-to-day vocabulary.

When living in the Netherlands and in Germany I learnt a few nursery rhymes to help me improve my pronunciation and they worked pretty well for me, I can still remember most of those nursery rhymes and maybe one day they’ll become useful, you never know.

Yesterday we got by post a great present from the grandparents, a hilarious book called The book with no pictures, I can’t recommend it more. My kids couldn’t stop laughing.

My advise is: enjoy reading books in any language you like. 🙂