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The kids are in bed. Easter is over.

How has it been?

  1. thanks to the end of DTS (Daylight saving time) and the clock turning backward 1 hour, the kids were up at 5.40. Who said they were gonna sleep one extra hour this morning obviously don’t have kids.MjAxMi01NTEwZmE5NTlkNmM5MDBh
  2. 6 o’clock it’s not the right time to hear screams and shouts of joy because of some Easter eggs surprises
  3. having the kids eating most of their chocolate eggs for breakfast is not a good start of the day IMG_5379-001
  4. At 7.15am my sweet children were already hyperactive…
  5. 8.30 I decided it was time to go to church and listen to the Italian Mass. So I tell the kids: “Let’s go and find out how Jesus died and rose”.  During Mass Little Miss Daydream whispers in my ear: “mummy, who is Christ?” – it’s Jesus! “ah, Christ is his surname! Jesus Christ”.  In the middle of the liturgy she comes back to me with a serious tone: “mummy, where is Jesus? I came here to see him rise from the dead!” It was hard not to laugh out loud at that point.
  6. Mass finished, we go back home for a little egg hunt in our garden.
  7. Lunch with homemade lasagne (kids love it)
  8. Afternoon spent with a couple of friends who live nearby
  9. Dinner and bed time
  10. End of our first Aussie Easter. Not too bad but having families here would have made it much nicer.