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Geocaching: do you know it? If you like wandering about, doing any kind of outdoor activity and treasure hunting, this is THE thing for you!

A colleague of my hubby introduced us to Geocaching a few weeks ago and we (all of us, included the kid) fell in love with it.

It’s a very simple “activity”.

If you go for a walk/hiking/cycling/running anywhere (city, sea, in the mountains, at the playground) you could have fun looking for one of the many cache hidden around the globe. Just sing in and find all the info.

It all started about 15 years ago in the USA to celebrate the improved accuracy of the GPS after the removal of the selective availability.  The aim was to be able to place and locate a small container with a GPS and the “experiment” went so well that after a few months a geocacher was found in Australia too.  After all these years you can find cache all over the world! You can find all the info about the history of geocaching here.

All you need is:

  • GPS or smart phone
  • a pen so that you can fill in your logbook
  • something to leave in the cache if you or your children want to take one of the items found in the cache

For us, as a family, it’s a great tool to get the children keep going even when they say they’re tired, they love the items they find in the chaces (it’s always a surprise) and they learn to leave something for the next children. Plus we find hidden place we would have never walked through.

We have also looked in the map and found out there are a lot of caches in Italy where grandparents live, so the children can’t wait to go and find them (and visit grandparents of course!)

Happy geocaching everybody 🙂