Simple and quick recipe for a tasty fish pie.

This recipe has been passed on to me by an Italian friend I met in Australia and I have to thank her so much as it make it possible for my children and my husband to enjoy eating some fish.


For your besciamella sauce:

500ml milk

50gr. butter

50gr. flour

salt, pepper, nutmeg ground

For the fish pie:

600gr. fish fillets

600gr. potatoes

some milk

bread crumbs


First peel your potatoes and boil them.

While your potatoes are boiling, start cooking your fish.

place your fish fillets in a small pan

now cover it up with 500 ml milk

After a few minutes the milk will start boiling, take your fish and lay it on a plate. Recycle your milk, putting it in a glass for a little while, you’ll need it later for your besciamella sauce.

When you potatoes are ready you can start mashing them so that you’re going to have your mashed potatoes ready for the fish pie.

Directions for the besciamella sauce:

in a pan melt 50 gr. of butter

add 50 gr. of flour carefully stirring.

add your 500ml milk and continue stirring until boiling.

season with salt, pepper and nutmeg and continue stirring for about 5 min.

Now your besciamella sauce is ready. You’ve got your fish ready and your mashed potatoes are ready too.


You now need an oven tray where to create all the layers of your fish pie.

start with a layer of besciamella sauce

add a layer of tiny bits of fish

cover it up with a layer of mashed potatoes (here it gets a bit tricky)


Continue by making another layer of besciamella sauce, fish and mashed potatoes.

cover it all up with some bread crumbs

It’s now ready to be put in the oven for about 20 min. at 180°C.

Enjoy it with some boiled basmati rice or on its own 🙂