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It’s winter in Melbourne and the weather might be a bit too cold to go out and have fun; so the city of Melbourne has come up with a smart idea to get people out on Friday nights: fireworks!

Docklands Winter Festival fireworks is a free event that runs every Friday night in July and August. There is entertainment from 6.30 to 8.30pm, with fireworks at 7.30pm (last 10 min ca.).

It’s a lovely event for families with young children too as it’s not too busy and it’s relatively early in the night.

We enjoyed our night out, the kids were very excited about being out in the dark at their usual bedtime, it was their first experience with fireworks and they love them as much as me and my husband.

Before the fireworks we met this weird pair:


then we enjoyed the fireworks with some music:


and last but not least, we have been entertained by a group of swing dancers, simply amazing!


I’m not sure if the programme is the same for each Friday night but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be good fun for the whole family.

To know more about this event, check out here.